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Born and raised in the city of San Francisco, it has been impossible not to be influenced and inspired by all the beauty which has surrounded me my entire life.  As a child growing up, I would gaze at the beautiful houses I passed in the car, taking in all their exquisite details and colors.  I would spend hours drawing pictures of houses covered with Victorian detailing.  As I grew older, this passion only became greater.

In 2002 I graduated from a joint degree program with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture from the California College of the Arts and the University of San Francisco.  Because of the many paths I could follow with my training, I wanted to experience several different types of architectural design work as an intern.  I first worked under Candace Barnes, a wonderful residential interior designer who opened up my eyes to the world of beautiful antique furniture.  Next, I tried commercial architecture at Robinson, Mills & Williams (RMW) where I assisted architects designing new corporate campuses for companies such as Yahoo! and Juniper Networks.  Finally, I experienced high end hospitality design at Babey, Moulton, Jue & Booth (BAMO) where I assisted designers on luxury hotel projects such as the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan, the Peninsula Hotel in Chicago and the Santana Row development in San Jose. 

After finishing my internships and entering the real world, I was hired as an on camera designer for the hit HGTV shows "Curb Appeal" and "House Detective".  That experience helped me launch my own business, and introduced me to the world of exterior and landscape design. 

Today, my well rounded design experience has allowed me to work on all types of interior, exterior, and landscape design projects, both residential and commercial.  Although I enjoy them all, one niche I enjoy in particular is San Francisco Victorian restoration.  I am thrilled when I get to help beautify our world-class city one facade design at a time!