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Dolores Street Victorian Facade Restoration

I restored the facade of this 1898 Victorian residence down to the last exact detail with the help of a historical photograph.  The asbestos shingles were taken off to reveal original siding underneath which showed traces of the details removed long ago.  Wooden moldings and trim work were added along with intricately cast plaster pieces to bring back this dull and drab facade to its original glorious splendor.




Mission District Facade Restoration

This Mission District home was built in 1904 and its original facade was stripped and covered up with both asbestos shingles and vinyl siding.  The new owners wanted to recreate the original facade and bring the exterior back to its former glory.  I was able to locate a historical photograph of the residence which allowed us to reconstruct the facade exactly as it used to look, down to the last detail.  A monochromatic color palette of blue tinted grays was selected, along with a pewter metallic accent to highlight all the beautiful new details.



Turn-of-the-Century Facade Restoration

The homeowners of this Noe Valley residence contacted me to help with the restoration of their turn-of-the-century home. The original details had been stripped off and the facade had been covered with aesbestos tiles by previous owners. With the help of historical photographs, the exterior was recreated almost exactly as it was originally built.  Cast resin pieces, large crown moldings, and bold colors were used to make this facade shine.



Edwardian Facade Restoration

Located on the border between Glen Park and Noe Valley, this 1907 Edwardian home had been covered up with salmon pink aesbestos shingles by previous owners. Using redwood and cast plaster elements, I restored the facade to its original beauty. Our color scheme included two different greens, cream trim, and touches of gold in just the right places. The end result was a gorgeous restoration that brought the home from being the biggest eyesore, to having the prettiest face on the block.




What Used To Be #9 & #11

I could immediately see the potential for beautiful facade restorations on these Victorian gems, both located in San Francisco. Their unique roof shapes caught my attention and inspired me to come up with designs of what their facades could have been.  I removed the garages to depict the homes in their most likely original states, since most garages on homes this old were added later.


Edwardian Mantle & Built-Ins

I was asked to design a mantle and built-in bookcases for a home in Noe Valley.  The homeowners wanted them to look as if they had always been there.  I created a simple mantle design, drawing from the other original architectural details already in their home. I chose green, period correct subway tiles to surround the hearth.  The built-ins were designed to provide for specific storage needs, while staying within the parameters dictated by the Edwardian aesthetic.





Noe Valley Facade Restoration

This Noe Valley Edwardian home had been covered with stucco by previous owners.  I brought the facade back to an original design using lots of redwood moldings, decorative shingles, and cast plaster elements.  A sophisticated color palette was chosen to put the final touches on this beautiful facade.



Suburban Landscape Remodel

The owners of this Belmont, California home wanted to redesign their large side yard which included a swimming pool surrounded by a small, sloped lawn.  The lawn was removed to make way for a new larger patio surrounding the pool, built in seating area, fire pit, grilling area, retaining wall with built in lighting, and gazebo.  I selected stone veneers and pavers with warm gold and gray colors to create an inviting color palette. The owners added new plants around the perimeter to complete this landscape design.



Glen Park Victorian Facade Restoration

 This turn of the century Victorian home sits on a hill in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco.  Its original redwood exterior was stripped off and covered with vinyl siding  I was hired to recreate a Victorian facade appropriate for the home which would make it the gem of the block.  The owners were also very in favor of an extremely vibrant color scheme which normally isn't my style.  However, we were able to compromise by using only colors from a historical color palette to give the right amount of whimsey and class to satisfy everyone.



What Used To Be

I created this hand drawing to depict what may have been the original facade of this Edwardian home in the Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. The original front was removed and covered with a plain coat of stucco, which was commonplace in the 1930's-1960's when the ornate fronts of Victorian and Edwardian homes were considered outdated and unattractive. This style of home with a peaked roof typically had beautifully ornate cast plaster details covering parts of the facade, along with redwood mouldings and siding.



Conceptual Landscape Design

I was hired to create conceptual drawings for a landscape redesign at this home located in the Forest Hill Extention neighborhood in San Francisco.  The homeowner wanted to remove the front lawn and replace it with more drought tolerant plantings, and fill the rear yard with a lawn, and plants that would create a tropical look.



Blissful Back Patio

I was hired to create artificial sunlight for this otherwise gray concrete back patio in the foggy Richmond District of San Francisco.  This homeowner also wanted to dress up her patio and make it a little more private.  I used lattice to close it off from the rest of the shared garden, and painted the gray concrete wall a creamy yellow color to reflect light into the space. I added hanging baskets and planter boxes filled with flowers that will eventually cascade down the wall.