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Dolores Street Victorian Facade Restoration

I restored the facade of this 1898 Victorian residence down to the last exact detail with the help of a historical photograph.  The asbestos shingles were taken off to reveal original siding underneath which showed traces of the details removed long ago.  Wooden moldings and trim work were added along with intricately cast plaster pieces to bring back this dull and drab facade to its original glorious splendor.




Noe Valley Remodel

This small Noe Valley home was in the process of getting a huge modern remodel and addition.  The owners wanted to keep the existing original facade, and return it to its original look.  I did that by removing the add-on bay windows, and replacing all the rotting wood corbels and brackets with new, period correct woodwork.  A modern color scheme of grays was selected, along with a bright orange door for a bright pop of color.


The Dryansky Gallery

The owners of the Dryansky Art Gallery on Union Street in San Francisco contacted me to help them restore the front entrance stairs to their gallery.  The charming Victorian residence turned gallery unfortunately had its original stairs replaced with prefabricated cast stone which did not match the rest of the building. I created a design for a new staircase to blend in with the original architecture and existing color scheme.  Beveled panels, intricate moldings, and custom designed turned pieces were used to create this beautiful entrance.


Victorian Cottage Facade Restoration

I restored the facade of this quaint little Victorian cottage which was featured on HGTV's hit show "Curb Appeal", and this home was also featured in a home improvement book published with the same name.  Located in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, it had been stripped of much of its original detailing, and the windows had been altered on the front.  I used the proportions and period details typical to this type of Victorian residence to bring it back to its glory. I selected a paint color scheme made up of soothing blues, greens and a little gold leaf to show off the new facade.



What Used To Be #9 & #11

I could immediately see the potential for beautiful facade restorations on these Victorian gems, both located in San Francisco. Their unique roof shapes caught my attention and inspired me to come up with designs of what their facades could have been.  I removed the garages to depict the homes in their most likely original states, since most garages on homes this old were added later.


New Kitchen For An Old House

The owner of this small Noe Valley cottage wanted to expand her kitchen and create a larger, light-filled space where she could gaze out into her lush garden and entertain large groups of guests.  I widened up the room, added counter and cabinet space, and used timeless finishes which blend well with the home's Victorian period architecture.  The contrasting of white cabinets and subway tiles against the black countertops and walnut colored floors made for a very clean, updated look with just the right amount of reference to the past.



Picture Perfect Noe Valley Home

This Noe Valley home was being put on the market for sale.  I completely redesigned the backyard and staged the interiors to show off the desirability of this beautiful home. Using a limited budget, I worked with the owners furniture as well as some new pieces to create beautiful picture perfect rooms, so the spaciousness of the floor plan was conveyed to any potential buyers.  In the backyard, I stained the existing concrete slab a warm terracotta color to create an inviting feeling, and planted several new trees, plants, and a bamboo hedge for privacy.  I set up outdoor patio furniture complete with stone fireplace mantel to show the potential of an outdoor living area, as well as to show off the yard's large size.



Victorian Facelift

Located in the Noe Valley neighborhood in San Francisco, this Victorian home was in need of some attention to improve its curb appeal.  The front steps, landing and fence were all falling apart, and lacked any of the beautiful ornate period detail which was present on the rest of the house.  I designed a new entrance and fence to blend with the original Victorian moldings on the facade, and a wrought iron gate and flowerbox to balance the rectilinear lines with some soft curves.  Finally, I created a sophisticated color scheme to finish off this home's great new look.




Stick-Eastlake Victorian Makeover

This Stick/Eastlake style Victorian home is located in San Francisco's Castro district.  Its beautifully ornate, original facade was covered up by a dull and drab color color which made it sink into the background.  I devised a scheme of five colors to showcase this beautiful facade and transform it into the beautiful painted lady it was meant to be.



Glen Park Victorian Facade Restoration

 This turn of the century Victorian home sits on a hill in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco.  Its original redwood exterior was stripped off and covered with vinyl siding  I was hired to recreate a Victorian facade appropriate for the home which would make it the gem of the block.  The owners were also very in favor of an extremely vibrant color scheme which normally isn't my style.  However, we were able to compromise by using only colors from a historical color palette to give the right amount of whimsey and class to satisfy everyone.



Designed to Sell

This Victorian multi-unit building was being put up for sale right off Dolores Park in San Francisco, and my job was to enhance the facade to make it inviting to as many potential buyers as possible. For that reason, I suggested a neutral scheme of five colors: a light mocha base color, crisp white trim, taupe accents, black doors, and gold detailing. I also suggested that the aluminum windows be replaced. The end result was a quick sale for well above the asking price.